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Employment and Education Award

The Employment and Education Award recognizes the commitment of individuals, organisations or projects to ensuring a diverse data center workforce for the future.

These organisations or individuals have done outstanding work to secure the future of the data center industry, by supporting initiatives and projects which focuses on furthering data center skills, education and employment. From internships, to course, placement and full time work, these organisations or individuals have gone above and beyond to support and secure the next generation of qualified data center professionals.

This award therefore celebrates individuals, organizations and projects that have demonstrated exceptional skills, commitment to ensuring the next generation of a data center workforce.


Criteria: This category is open for nominations for a wide range of organisations and individuals within and outside of the industry, who have done a difference with regards to supporting people, projects and initiatives aimed at furthering data center education and employment.

Category Sponsor

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29 April 2024   Axelborg, Copenhagen

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