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Sustainable data center project

This award focuses on the industry's journey towards a climate-positive future, recognizing the world’s most energy-aware and innovative approaches data center design, build and operation. This category recognizes projects which are able to demonstrate significant savings on their carbon footprint – from innovative energy efficiency products and solutions to suitability approaches, innovative partnerships.


The judges will be evaluation cutting-edge data center design, build and operation projects that have sustainability at the forefront.


  • Solution: If the entry is a solution, the primary recipient of the award will be the person/people or company responsible for originating, developing, and implementing the solution. The solution must be either implemented in a data center in Denmark, or in a foreign based data center abroad by a Danish company.  

  • Operator: If the entry is a data center project, vendors, consulting engineers and contractors working with the operator can nominate projects on behalf of their clients and assist in the preparation of the entry, however the primary recipient of the award will be the operator

  • Some of the work on this project or solution must have been conducted in the last 3 years before the entry is submitted.

  • To qualify, all or part of the project or solution must be operational by April 2024.

 Deadline for entry submission: 22 March 2024. 


Category Sponsor

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     29 April 2024   Axelborg, Copenhagen

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